I was born and raised in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky which is home of the Kentucky Derby Downs where the women wear hats and everyone enjoys a mint julep. I moved to Indiana just over 26 years ago and have had the opportunity to work in several types of management positions, including the business that my husband and I still own here in South Bend.

My main background before real estate was in the banking industry. I worked for one of the 2nd largest private banks in Louisville as a proof operator. Customer service and satisfaction was the key to my success in the banking industry and has a huge role in the way that I run my real estate business now.

My focus in real estate is to not only help clients with buying or selling a home, but to make a difference in their lives. I will go above and beyond any expectations you have when it comes to serving you. My passion and enthusiasm will create a win-win situation for my clients and me. Let me help you find your dream property and make your dream a reality.